Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 31st


We did it! This is our last challenge.  What a month! Okay, super easy one for today.  You guys deserve it! That’s it! I would love to hear what some of your favorite challenges were from this month. Remember…. Here’s how to participate: Follow Up to Date Interiors on instagram Each day, post a picture of […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 30th


Only two challenges left! Can you believe it?  The last ones will be easy. Today’s love your space challenge is to add some fresh flowers to your space. No matter what condition your room is in, fresh flowers always makes it better!  You don’t have to splurge, just a few stems from the grocery store […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 29th


Hello.  I finally have my drivers license for Japan and actually ventured out in town by myself (they drive on the left side here).  Now I can go shopping and exploring while my husband is at work. Awesome! Today’s Love Your Space Challenge is for any space in the house.  This is a great solution […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 28th


Hello friends.  We finalized our move in date to our new home for next Wednesday.  Our first small shipment of our belongings arrives two days later.  In the meantime we get to borrow furniture and dishes. How are things in your neck of the woods?   It’s still a little new and strange being so far […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 27th


Howdy! We hit a few road bumps but are back to getting our house, cars, and school settled.  The kids really love their new school and had a Japanese cultural class today. Today’s love your space challenge is one for your nose!  I found some dried lavender at a local florist in Fort Worth and […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 26th


Hi there! It’s settled.  We found a house with an ocean view, beach access, yard, and enough room for our baby grand piano.  We can’t wait to get moved in. This is our last week for the Love Your Space Challenge.  The beginning of February marks the 2nd anniversary for Up to Date Interiors so we […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 25th


Hello! Just a few more challenges left.  If you switched out your bathroom knobs yesterday, just a warning, it’s addictive.  Pretty soon you will be searching the house for dressers, cabinets, or anything that has a removable knob! Today’s Love Your Space Challenge is a classic look for the bathroom.  Start using only white towels. […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 24th


Hi there! We had a little adventure last night.  Our hotel was evacuated due to a fire alarm going off.  No damage just a bunch of steam and a bunch of cold Americans standing around in the middle of the night. lol On a brighter note, we are having fun house shopping and have narrowed […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 23rd


Greetings friends! I hope your week is going well.  Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?  We have the Cherry Blossom Festival going on in Okinawa and some friends are taking us out to dinner.  It’s wonderful to see some familiar faces when we are so far away from home. Today’s Love Your […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 22nd


Hi there! Wow, this moving half way across the world business can be pretty stressful.  We have been in Japan for a week and are still working on getting our driver’s license so we don’t have to depend on our sponsor to get around.  We are living in a hotel and our dog is in quarantine. […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 21st

jan21st challenge-700-post-feature

How is your week going darlings?  Our house hunting was put on hold yesterday but hopefully we can start our search today.   I can’t wait to see traditional Japanese homes (and Western style).  We should be in our new home by the end of the month. Let’s do one more challenge for the master bedroom […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 20th


Hello!  Today we are going house shopping on the island and enrolling our kiddos into school.  Tomorrow will be the unpleasant task of taking a driving test and learning how to drive on the other side of the road. Eek! In the meantime, for all of you who have an abode, today’s Love Your Space […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 19th


Hello there! I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. Today’s Love Your Space Challenge features my friend Brittney’s guest room in her North Carolina home.  You can see more of her lovely home here.  Try trading out your throw pillows with ones from your couch or other bedroom.  If your bedding is a matching set, […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 18th


We are here!! Our flight arrived last night in Okinawa and we have settled into our temporary lodging while we find a place to live.  Let the island adventures begin! I hope you have been following along our 31 day challenge.  We are over half way done and I have been loving all of the […]

Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 17th


Konichiwa!  We are adjusting to our time zone in Japan and still have one more plane ride before we make it all the way to Okinawa but so far we have had a great trip. Let’s get down to business. Today’s love your space challenge is for practical and pretty storage in your bedroom. I love having […]