DIY Hand Painted Vase with Wine Cork Filler

Hello friends! How is summer treating you? ¬†This week seems to be going especially slow but at least we are over the hump. ūüėČ I have an easy DIY project for you today. ¬†It’s perfect for a dollar tree vase or one you might already have on hand.

DIY Hand Painted Vase with Wine Cork Filler



painter’s tape

spray paint

paint marker

wine corks




Step 1: Clean the vase to prep it.

Step 2: Place strips of painter’s tape in desired pattern.

Step 3:  Spray paint 2 to 3 light coats or until completely covered, letting paint dry between coats.   If you are using multiple colors as I did, use a piece of paper has a shield to prevent over spray on the other colors.

Step 4:  Remove tape. Scrape off any excess paint with a razor blade or fingernail polish remover.  (Of course paint remover would do the trick if you have some!)

Step 5: (optional)  Hand paint a design with a paint marker. (see pic below)


Easy tip: ¬†Use collected wine corks for a vase filler. ¬†Perfect for stems that are too short or just a pretty filler! ūüėȬ†diy-vase-corks


I love the black, aqua, gold, and white colors against my piano!

Have a lovely day,








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    • says

      Thanks! I wish I had flowers growing in my yard to use for vase fillers! The tulips only lasted a few days. :( Have a great week!

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