DIY Hand Painted Vase with Wine Cork Filler

Hello friends! How is summer treating you?  This week seems to be going especially slow but at least we are over the hump. 😉 I have an easy DIY project for you today.  It’s perfect for a dollar tree vase or one you might already have on hand.

DIY Hand Painted Vase with Wine Cork Filler



painter’s tape

spray paint

paint marker

wine corks




Step 1: Clean the vase to prep it.

Step 2: Place strips of painter’s tape in desired pattern.

Step 3:  Spray paint 2 to 3 light coats or until completely covered, letting paint dry between coats.   If you are using multiple colors as I did, use a piece of paper has a shield to prevent over spray on the other colors.

Step 4:  Remove tape. Scrape off any excess paint with a razor blade or fingernail polish remover.  (Of course paint remover would do the trick if you have some!)

Step 5: (optional)  Hand paint a design with a paint marker. (see pic below)


Easy tip:  Use collected wine corks for a vase filler.  Perfect for stems that are too short or just a pretty filler! 😉 diy-vase-corks


I love the black, aqua, gold, and white colors against my piano!

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    • says

      Thanks! I wish I had flowers growing in my yard to use for vase fillers! The tulips only lasted a few days. :( Have a great week!

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